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Wind invades and tramples the West

 (Updated April 2011 with new letter to editor)

Changing Times  


 Wind power--Friend or Foe

A PDF file with a primer  you can use to educate people about wind turbines and energy--the document is the public domain.   Article posted 2/2/2011

Conservation thoughts from one who never planned on being a conservationist or anything close!  Check out the various topics and see what you think.  This website is dedicated to getting people to THINK about what they are doing before changing the environment in ways that are tough to recover from.  Plus, let's all be HONEST about what we do and why.

Environmentalist vs Conservationist
A short piece defining terms


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The Accidental Conservationist
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Wyoming, the new nirvana?
The new Nirvana? Or why is cold and windy now desirable?     (updated January 2011)


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Tales from the new West 
Visit life on the prairie in Wyoming                 (updated December 2011)


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