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 Welcome to "The Accidental Conservationist".  I had been struggling trying to decide  
how to explain this site and why I set it up.  I sell DVD's of Wyoming--the scenery, 
wildlife, some of the more humorous elements of the state, etc.  Originally, I made
the DVD's to share the beauty of Wyoming with others.  I had hoped people would want 
to visit and preserve the beauty.  However, I guess I failed to take into account 
the split-reasoning humans seem to prone to.  Let me explain:

"Fred" sees the DVD and decides Wyoming is so beautiful he wants to move there.  He 
buys 20 acres of land, puts a concrete foundation over the prairie dog holes and 
rattlesnake dens, puts up a manufactured house and then paves over two more areas for 
a garage and a shop.  He fences the land--limiting the movement of the antelope that 
he thought were so interesting.  Antelope cannot easily jump fences.  They are 
adapting, but their evolution can't keep up with the fencing capacity of humans, so 
"Fred" has taken the land on which the antelope live while claiming to find them 
interesting.  It seems the antelope are interesting only if they don't get in "Fred's" 
way.  If they do, they lose.  Fred also brings his horses.  Six of them, which worked 
fine in Ohio.  Here, the horses eat the land down to bare dirt in a few months, and 
trample the sagebrush.  Now, Fred has removed the antelope and mule deer food and, 
with any luck, has created a field of tumbling mustard (a weed nothing except goats 
seem to eat) and when the wind blows 30 to 40 mph, there is a dust and tumbling dried 
weed storm.  The prairie dogs weren't terribly bothered by Fred's arrival and have 
continued to thrive in spite of the horses and less food.  They are coming closer to 
Fred's house in search of the grass he planted and waters around the house.  Fred 
can't tolerate the prairie dogs eating the grass his horses need.  Not to mention the 
"dogs" carry plague and Fred's children play outdoors on the grass.  Thus, the prairie 
dogs must be removed--probably through poisoning. Now, Fred has reduced the food 
supply for foxes, raptors, badgers, etc.  And now Fred has effectively damaged "the 
beautiful state" he moved to and tried his best to turn it into the same place he 
I am not sure how any of this makes sense to "Fred" or anyone else.  Humans move into 
areas and destroy the very things they said they loved there.

















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This site is dedicated to showing people what nature has to offer and what will be 
destroyed or permanently changed if no one wakes up to the contradictions in 
behavior and claimed beliefs. I should add that I am fully cognizant of 
the right of people to change nature and behave as they chose. Humans are the top 
of every natural chain out there--food, habitat, etc. What I am trying to instill 
is what is being lost and to get people to be honest. Tell your grandchildren there 
may be no open spaces in Wyoming or elsewhere because you had enough money to buy 
land, pave it over and build an 8000 square foot second home. Tell them your dream 
for Wyoming was to be just like Colorado and then take down those ridiculous signs 
at the border that says "Wyoming. Like no place else on earth". BE HONEST.

And stop blaming the oil companies for the environmental damage. The oil companies 
only exist because people want energy. They are fully regulated and have to reclaim 
areas, as do mines. Ranchers and realtors can do anything they want to the 
environment--cut ranches up into 20 and 40 acre lots, put in roads, and alter 10's 
of thousands of acres of habitat so they can make the millions the oil companies 
are criticized for.   A realtor selling off thousands of acres and turning said area
into a subdivision does more environmental damage than energy exploration. All 
in the name of profit. Let's look at ALL the contributors, not just the commonly 
attacked ones, and let's look closely at who does the most harm and who does the 
least harm. 
Page through the various sections of this site and feel free to e-mail and let me 
know if you share my concerns or you just want to pave it all over and build a 
coffee shop and movie theater. Look at what will change and what is being lost.