Earth Day 2015

I was planting seeds for plants for the garden.  I got to thinking about environmentalists, etc.  I now only buy seeds from one or two seed companies.  Last year, I noticed a No GMO logo on many of the catalogs.  This resulted in my immediately canceling any company with the logo.  I sent them all letters telling them I would not buy from them because my health was dependent on a genetically modified substance.  Not one company cared if their non-GMO stance would harm me.  They only care that putting Non-GMO on their catalogue increased their sales.  So much for the idea that these people "care".  They are as mercenary as any oil company when it comes to profits.  It's about making money, pure and simple.

If you add to this the push to eliminate meat from people's diets, you end up with millions of dead diabetics.  If we can't synthesize insulin from e-coli bacteria and we do away with livestock, there can be no insulin.  I have seen no concern whatsoever about this possibility.  Environmentalists only care about the planet, not the people on it. 

Then there's the millions spent on bird-killing paltry sources of so-called renewable energy.  It's a complete lie to call wind and solar renewable.  The fuel may be available on nature's schedule, but until wind and solar convert themselves to electricity on their own, they are not renewable.  Mountains of mining, manufacturing and land loss are all a part of this "free" energy.  It's a complete misrepresentation of the reality of a long ago discarded energy source. 

More importantly, the money thrown away on these failures could have gone to help people in say, Haiti, who are dirt poor and have no defense against hurricanes, etc.  However, global warming is about throwing people into abject poverty, not about helping the poor out of poverty.  Poverty has an extremely low carbon foot print.  Someone said North Korea was a model for fighting global warming--I forget who it was.  I'm hoping they were kidding.

Celebrating Earth day by picking up trash, planting a tree, etc. in fine.  No one wants a dirty planet and we can always use more trees (unless it's a corporation using Costa Rican farms to plant trees and supposedly offset their carbon use--that is unacceptable).  However, Earth Day should not be used to guilt children into believing a certain type of light bulb will save the earth or a certain car will destroy the planet.  Unfortunately, many people use Earth Day to try and push humanity backward, to the time of disease and poverty.  If we really care about people and the Earth, we will start helping those in true poverty rise out of their situation and be able to deal with life more effectively.  We can help people and still respect the earth.

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