Wyoming DVDs

Wyoming DVDs are a way to enjoy the scenic beauty, flowers, wildlife and flavor of 
Wyoming without leaving home. In a time when travel is increasingly expensive, you can 
tour Wyoming in the comfort of your living room.

I have been photographing Wyoming for over 25 years. The DVDs are my way of sharing 
the beauty and uniqueness of Wyoming. This is both for entertainment and to let people know 
what will be lost if Wyoming continues to build over the prairies.

Unlike a video, the DVD's photo format allows you to take in a more varied tour of Wyoming. 
The DVD's photos cover most of the state and move at a pace that lets you take in the current 
scene without waiting too long for the next scene! 












































In addition to the three DVD's described above, "Wyoming for Children", 
"Wyoming Wildflowers", and "Wyoming Wildlife" are now available.

Wyoming Wildflowers features 310 photos of wildflowers that are found in the state. Over 
100 varieties are shown. Flowers are captioned using common names. Common names 
vary from book to book, so complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. (If you find an 
error, email and let me know.) Mushrooms may not be labeled and flowers I have not 
yet identified lack captions. Nature sounds provide the background. (37 minutes)

Wyoming Wildlife slide show has 342 photos of wildlife found in the state. Captions identify the 
wildlife (any photo not captioned features critters I have not yet identified). Wildlife was 
photographed in many locations–mountains, plains, parks, and back yards, wherever critters 
are found! Some are a challenge to locate in the photo, just as the animals can be in nature. 
Sound of nature provide the background. (40 minutes)


Wyoming for Children has 344 photos of Wyoming scenery and wildlife. Share the beauty 
of nature with your children. Photos are captioned to identify locations, animal and flower 
names. The slide show moves quickly to hold the attention of younger children. Sounds of 
nature provide the background for the show. (30 minutes) 























Welcome to Scenic Wyoming! Explore the scenic side of Wyoming with 342 photographs in a slide show that visits most of the state. Unlike a video DVD, slides allow you to see many sights in the state in about 40 minutes. Slides have captions and the slide show has a nature sound track to let you feel like you’re in the outdoors and seeing nature at it’s best!


DVD's cost $5.00 each. Postage is included in the price (unless the order is international--email for information on international orders).
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 Or send check or money order to: 
The Accidental Conservationist 
P O Box 1545 
Evansville, Wy 82636

State which DVD(s) you are ordering if you are ordering by mail.


Life in Wyoming can be interesting! The Lighthearted Wyoming slide show features 342 photos of the more unique aspects of life in Wyoming. Captions tend to be more humorous than descriptive. Nature sounds provide background for the DVD. (43 minutes)
Take the tour today!


Click here to download a sample video:     Wyoming






















 Take a tour through the four seasons in Wyoming. Starting out cold, windy and snowy, blossoming into spring, warming into summer and ending with autumn colors. Seasons of Wyoming has 378 photos of landscapes, wildlife, wildflowers and situations seen in the state. The background features nature sounds coordinating to each season. (48 minutes)
Spend a year in Wyoming now!